Founded in 2005, Vitalini Performance Ski Wear immediately established itself within the sports market, specialising in the production of technical clothing and accessories that combines comfort, fit, thermal insulation, waterproofing and long-lasting colours against wear.

Vitalini is not only a brand, but is first and foremost the name of an athlete who represents himself in front of customers, proposing his own vision of a true sportsman. This experience is then brought into the production of designed and tailored sportswear, understanding the needs of the athletes who use it.

The relationship with customers, based on availability, support and collaboration, has made it possible to offer the best sportswear and satisfy prestigious ski clubs, athletes, teams and ski schools around the world.

Vitalini Performance Ski Wear completes its offering with an in house tailoring service that can customise on both alarge and small scale, providing assistance to customers with the repair of seams, cuts and stains.



Vitalini has structured its production on this concept, creating the opportunity to custom design from the chosen base model, with options that will make it unique and original.

Not only different colours but also graphics in part or full, allowing you to create exclusive designs while maintaining the same model of jacket, windproof or race suit.

The graphic possibilities are endless, with the inclusion of purely creative logos or associated facts that characterise the area or the history of the club.

Using your exclusive design and with our various cuts, shapes and sizing, allows for the opportunity of everyone involved in the club to have the same design, from the boss, children, adults, coaches, parents, female and male leaders.