Our company specialises in the creation of customised ski wear for ski clubs, ski schools and winter sports associations.
Founded in 2005, Vitalini Performance Ski Wear has established itself on the sports market, specialising in the production of technical clothing and accessories that combine comfort, thermal insulation, waterproofing and long-lasting colours against wear and tear.
It is not just a brand, but first and foremost the name of an athlete who represents himself in front of customers, proposing his own vision as a sportsman.
This experience is then brought into the production of custom-designed and tailored sportswear, knowing the needs of the athletes and sportsmen and women who use them.

Our mission is to design and create customised skiwear that enables athletes to reach their full potential on the slopes.
We believe that every skier is unique and that their clothing should reflect their individual style, performance needs and passion for speed.

Pietro Vitalini


Pietro Vitalini was born in Bormio in 1967 and began skiing at a very young age. At just 14 years old, he won the Italian Championships, marking the start of his career as a high-level athlete. This victory placed him among champions like Alberto Tomba and Deborah Compagnoni.

In 1995, Pietro Vitalini miraculously survived a serious fall during the Kitzbuhel World Cup race, earning him the nickname ‘Alitalia.’ This was his peak year of fame and success. Following several years as a professional skier in the United States and a sports commentator in Switzerland, Pietro Vitalini transitioned to entrepreneurship. He founded VITALINI PERFORMANCE SKIWEAR, renewing his commitment to skiing and sports. This chapter in his life brought him new achievements and success as an entrepreneur.

Marco Vitalini

Production manager

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